Our Raglan Food Co Feijoa & Pear is the first of a number of limited seasonal releases we’ll be launching to market this year.

We were inspired by a number of factors – seasonality, requests from customers and our love of locally sourced ingredients. There’s also something very nostalgic about this flavour and our team have been swapping memories of feijoa laden trees from their childhood, feijoa crumbles or simply scooping juicy spoonful’s of this unique fruit.

We describe this new yoghurt as subtly sweet but teeming with flavour. We’ve even managed to convert those who aren’t fans of feijoas, so we think that speaks for itself on how delicious this one is! We’ve been enjoying the Feijoa & Pear with muesli but it’s really delicious served as a dessert accompaniment too.

Available in Countdown, New World, Pak ‘N Save and independent supermarkets now. RRP $13.