The Vibe Lifter Podcast
with Tesh Randall & image of Tesh Smiling

Welcome to The Vibe Lifter Podcast

We’re bringing you bite-sized (20-30 min) inspiring interviews with legends who are out in their local communities doing good mahi. Our co-founder Tesh chats with folks passionate about everything ranging from animal welfare, protecting the environment, supporting people living with disabilities, gardening to create food security, and creating meaningful art. Whether you’re tuning in while driving to work, doing some chores around the house, or kicking back on the couch for some well-deserved relaxation, we hope these interviews lift your vibe and bring some inspiration into your day!

We have new episodes dropping every month. Have a listen to the latest ones below, or find us on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

P.S. Big shout out to local band Masaya – we’re proud to feature their groovy track ‘Shake the Sun’ as our intro song! 🌞