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Five Waikato Hikes

Sarah our head of marketing shares some of her favourite day hikes in the Waikato: People often forget that we actually have some really cool day hikes and walks right here on our doorstep. I “recently” turned 40 and decided that I would climb 40 mountains which quite frankly was a bit ambitious (and not likely to happen), but I thought I would share five which I’ve done recently with my family. I hope this inspires you to get out, breathe in some fresh Waikato air and give yourself some headspace to think and plan. 1. Mount Karioi, Raglan This beautiful maunga is visible from so many places in Raglan, she's almost like a Raglan [...]

Five Waikato Hikes2023-01-16T12:50:00+13:00

Sustainable Christmas Ideas & Gifting

Our head of marketing – Sarah Phillipps shares some of her ideas on how to make some small changes to be more sustainable over the festive period: This time of year can be really stressful and sometimes the excess (everything) can feel like a lot! I try to look for small ways to be more economical where I can and many of them involve upcycling the Raglan Food Co jars. A couple of my favourite sustainable Christmassy ideas include: Bouquets of fresh herbs from my garden – they smell delicious and are practical and quirky. I usually pop them in a RFC jar with some twine. My friend Nicola from Mainstream Green was the inspiration for [...]

Sustainable Christmas Ideas & Gifting2022-12-14T14:59:50+13:00

Navigating COVID – Tesh’s Top Tips

I was recently taken out with the 'cron as it made its way around our small township of Raglan. When I first tested positive I was 'positive' I'd be feeling right as rain in a matter of days, and said as much to various people I had Zoom meetings scheduled with that week. I hardly ever get sick, and if I do, I usually bounce back super quick. So I was surprised to find how much longer the effects of COVID lingered around - I had a strange, dizzy feeling in my head, was sneezing, coughing, blowing my nose, and overall just felt really tired for most of my isolation week. I did find a few things helpful for [...]

Navigating COVID – Tesh’s Top Tips2022-05-12T11:07:26+12:00

Mr & Mrs Coconut Visit Indonesia

We have just returned from visiting our coconut cream suppliers in Indonesia! You may remember when Mr Coconut visited last year, well this year we went together and it was an wonderful experience to see where the coconuts come from, and the process from growing, to gathering, right through to turning it into coconut cream – which is the main ingredient for all our delicious yoghurts! The coconuts are ‘crowd sourced’ from all around the islands, mainly Java & Sumatra. Local organic growers arrange to get their coconuts picked up, and they get graded by size and weight, then delivered by truck to the processing factory. There they are dehusked, the coconut water removed for yummy [...]

Mr & Mrs Coconut Visit Indonesia2020-04-15T16:36:47+12:00

Mr Coconut Visits Our Coconut Growers

Seb (aka Mr Coconut) has just returned from meeting with our coconut growers over in Indonesia – it was an exciting journey on a small, 12-seater plane then a boat ride through crocodile-filled waters to reach the beautiful land of coconut trees. Locals from all around the area bring their coconuts to be weighed and purchased, they literally grow EVERYWHERE, and don’t require any fertilisers or sprays so are 100% organic.   He was also pleased to learn that they have an equal gender hiring policy at the processing factory, which has a split of 50% male and female workers.  They take good care of their team, covering all their medical expenses and subsidising their [...]

Mr Coconut Visits Our Coconut Growers2022-10-03T15:52:10+13:00

Bee Friends – that’s a wrap!

Our Bee Friends project came to end last month – after sponsoring our 14th bee hive we decided it was time to put our energy into a new environmental project, one which is closely linked to our mission of giving New Zealander’s a delicious, dairy-free alternative to yoghurt.we’ve partnered up with Million Metres to plant 1,700 trees this year along NZ rivers, helping to mitigate the effects of farm run-off. You can find out all the details here. We asked some of our happy hive-owners to share photos with us of how their bees are getting on, and here are the results from all around the country … [...]

Bee Friends – that’s a wrap!2020-04-15T17:56:55+12:00

Bee Friends Update #1 + Delicious Honey Cupcakes (df, gf*)

When Tom’s application for a hive came through, we were instantly impressed with his enthusiasm for bees, and also the amazing location that Tom, his wife and new baby have chosen to create a wee paradise.On acres of bush in Oratia they’re building a strawbale house (there’s an interesting article about their project on Green Ideas), permaculture gardens, a food forest, composting toilets and apparently have a nice little tribe of chickens roaming around! Their goal is to live as off-grid and in touch with nature as possible, so having a bee hive seemed like a natural next step for this adventurous Kiwi family.6 months after their hive delivery, we checked in with Tom to hear how they’re getting on …“We [...]

Bee Friends Update #1 + Delicious Honey Cupcakes (df, gf*)2020-04-16T14:32:23+12:00

Nourishment, Reconnection and the Health Benefits of Coconut

Written by Danielle Roberts, Nutritionist (Bsc Human Nutrition), Energy Healer and Wellness Coach of Fuel Nutrition LtdWhy is nourishment and reconnection to the body so important?The present day sees more and more of us desiring to nourish our bodies when it comes to nutrition. Nourishing is the new black and the old ways of calorie counting are out. As a nutritionist, my philosophies have changed over the past couple of years from a strong focus of protein, fat and carbohydrate amounts to micronutrient density (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients), biochemical and medicinal properties of foods. It also has come to my attention in recent years that we are becoming more and more disconnected from our bodies. The more disconnected we [...]

Nourishment, Reconnection and the Health Benefits of Coconut2020-10-12T11:46:26+13:00

Mr & Mrs Coconut’s Guide to Raglan

We live in what’s got to be New Zealand’s coolest little town. It’s chilled, it’s upbeat, it’s gorgeous, and as always – the people make the place and this place has some really rad people. Seeing as we rave about Raglan to everyone we meet, here’s our guide to having an amazing time here when you next come to visit. Eats & Treats The Shack On the corner of Bow St and Wainui Road you’ll find a bunch of peeps (quite likely including us) eating yummy food on cute wooden tables with Tony Sly Pottery accessories. The Shack has been around for years and owners Justin & Alix have just given it a big interior revamp [...]

Mr & Mrs Coconut’s Guide to Raglan2022-08-22T09:19:29+12:00

Bee Aware Month – 21 Amazing Facts about Bees & Honey

As you might already know, honey bees are under threat worldwide due to parasites, disease, climate change, air pollution, and pesticides. This news has us wondering… what we can do to help the bees? According to Albert Einstein, “If Bees disappeared off the face of the earth, Man would have only four years to live.” If like us, you want to help our buzzy friends survive, you can start by boycotting products containing neonicotinoids, buying local honey, and planting bee-friendly flowers in your garden. Having your own hive can also help – and that’s because unlike some commercial techniques, natural beekeeping actually supports bee health, prioritising pollination and natural reproduction over honey yields. September is Bee Aware Month in New Zealand – making this a [...]

Bee Aware Month – 21 Amazing Facts about Bees & Honey2020-09-07T13:53:49+12:00


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