Meet Seb & Tesh

Founders of Raglan Food Co

They love surfing, nature, good food and of course – coconuts! When Seb decided it was time to go dairy-free due to allergies, Tesh started experimenting in her kitchen with making vegan coconut yoghurt. It took time to get it right (and lots of taste-testing on Seb’s part) but soon they’d perfected the recipe and vegan breakfast became their favourite part of the day.

The crew of coconut-lovers grew & grew!

Raglan locals soon got wind of this coconutty goodness and wondered how they could get their hands on a jar. So Seb & Tesh moved production into a shipping container in the centre of Raglan township to meet local demand. Before you could say coconut-yoghurt-is-the best-thing-ever ten times, it began popping up in fridges all over New Zealand!

Now you’ll find a whole dedicated team of yoghis based in a pretty flash purpose-built factory just on the outskirts of Raglan where we send our yoghurts & kefirs all over the globe. Seb & Tesh still love hearing how much folk enjoy Raglan Food Co products and how our dedicated team are helping lift the vibe on plant-based eating for a happier, healthier world.

A little bit of Raglan history …

Raglan’s Māori name Whāingaroa translates to ‘the long pursuit’ aptly named after Tainui waka’s lengthy search for its final destination in the late 1700’s. Tainui o Tainui tribes occupied Whāingaroa and the name Raglan came to be in 1858, after British commander Lord Raglan.

You’ll find the beautiful 2.4 million year old Mount Karioi south-west of Whāingaroa. Likened to a ‘Sleeping Lady’ (Wahine Moe), legend has it that Karewa – husband to Karioi, flirted with her sister Pirongia and he was cast into the sea as an offshore rock (Gannet Island). Karioi turned her back on Pirongia and lay down.

You can learn more about Raglan Food Co’s journey in this Delivery Rank article, on the Idealog blog and this Kia Ora magazine article. If you’d like to hear more, you’re able to book Tesh to speak at your event.