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Meet your new best friend to do breakfast with. Probiotic, dairy-free yoghurt packed with coconut goodness! Raglan Food Co products are:



No Added Sugar








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See Our Range

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Lifting the Vibe!

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Help us clean up 1,000,000 pieces of rubbish from our beaches!

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We’ve Got People Going Coconuts

First time trying this or any coconut yoghurt & I love the flavour & texture…soooo good

Shelly Christiansen

Holy moly your vanilla coconut yoghurt is good. First time buyer, and already want more. Amazing flavour!!! Love the glass jar and the paying staff living wage icon! 🙂

Jenna Milesi

Sweet baby cheeses, why have I not tried this sooner? Pure deliciousness in a jar. My new addiction. Thank you!!!

Leah Douglas

Vanilla Bean is so delicious!! My staple diet as I choose not to eat ice cream and dairy. Large jars are perfect. Just bought Mango and Turmeric today, delicious also but Vanilla Bean is my favourite. ❤️❤️

Nicola Hudson

It’s is the best yoghurt I have ever tasted, so beautiful and thick and creamy. Sooo good.

Diane Evans

Absolutely deliciousness!!!!! … by goodness your dairy free yoghurt is sooo yummy, and I’m not a big coconut fan. A little heaven in a jar! … Looking forward to trying your other flavours!!! Keep up the wonderful work and thanks for producing decent tasting and flavorful yogurt.

Esther Irvine

Oh my goodness the best dairy free yoghurt on the market for sure. Smooth and creamy, no horrid graininess found in other brands and the flavours, oh the flavours! The blackcurrant vanilla is amazing!!!!

Tanya Colwell
Wow! This is better than anything I’ve ever eaten, it’s so good I can’t stop eating it.
Michelle Barry

Better than Lewis Road Creamery 😉 I love coconut anything, this is heavenly!

Hayley Phillips

Delicious on my breakfast, delicious in my smoothy, delicious on its own! Lucky for me, my new favourite snack is healthy and nutritious!

Amy Todd

I recommend trying this yoghurt! It’s dairy free and just feels good eating it, I’m sure it’s good for ya. You can eat it on its own or mix it in smoothies or whatever just like normal yogurt. The hard part for me is portion control, it’s so good I want to smash it… another great product made in Raglan!!!

Tim Duff

Best coconut yoghurt ever – hard to stop eating it! It is the best for smoothies, to bake with, to create raw delights, to top your muesli with or to eat on its own! Although it’s sweet, it’s also gorgeous as a dollop on a curry.

Katie Hawkey

Delicious!!! Just got my hands on some this morning and so very glad I did!

Suzi Gallagher

Absolutely the best coconut yoghurt I’ve tried, these guys have perfected it! Amazing!

Nina Lopes

Absolutely amazing tasting yoghurt. Creamy, good texture and just yum!

Julie Oliver

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