Where We’re at on Our Sustainable Packaging Journey

Sustainable packaging has been a central focus for us at Raglan Food Co since the very beginning of our yoghurt making journey. We were proudly the first yoghurt brand to package into glass – an excellent material as glass is infinitely recyclable and 75% of glass used in NZ is recycled here. And our glass jars also make for very handy storage containers too!

As we’ve expanded across the globe and looked to introduce more people to the joys of plant-based eating for a happier, healthier world we’ve needed to explore packaging outside of glass.

Recently, we’ve launched our new 150g Snackable Range, which has seen us move into a paperboard packaging for this range only for NZ & Export customers.

As always, we wanted to share openly why we went with this option and our goal to replace these with a fully recyclable option in the very near-future.

Listen to our co-founder and Head of Impact Tesh talk more on this topic.

An interim packaging solution for two of our ranges.

Our new 150g Snackable range is housed in FSC certified paperboard packaging with a PE lining and foil lids.

Currently our recycling waste streams in NZ are unable to process this recyclable paperboard with a PE lining, but in the next 12-18 months we will have solution with a water-soluble lining; allowing our paperboard packaging to be added to curb side paper recycling. So for now our paperboard based packaging does need to go into the bin.

We’ve lost a lot of sleep navigating through this packaging journey and recognise that the current packaging is not perfect, but we can assure you we are doing everything we can to roll-out a fully recyclable option as soon as possible.