Our Classic Range

Our classic flavours you’ve grown to know and love. Dairy-free yoghurt sweetened only with coconuts and / or fruit and packed full of probiotics.

Natural Greek Style Yoghurt 700g and 350g

Natural Greek Style (700g, 350g)

  This dreamy, creamy coconut yoghurt is made from 100% organic coconuts and has the tangy taste of greek-style yoghurt. Winner of the 2015 NZ Gourmet Food Award. Dairy-free and packed with probiotics for happy tummies.

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Boysenberry Coconut Yoghurt 700g

Boysenberry (700g)

  Made with juicy Tasman Bay boysenberries, a spoon of this fruity, dairy-free yoghurt will take you back to the days of Grandma’s home-made jam on scones. A new take on a Kiwi classic, it’s a winner on just about everything from your breakfast granola, to baking or drizzled on fruit.

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Organic Blueberry Coconut Yoghurt 700g

Organic Blueberry (700g)

  Blueberries may be one of the world’s smallest fruits, but they’re a big favourite for tasty breakfast toppings, desserts, baking and smoothies! Renowned for their high levels of antioxidants, we’ve sourced delicious, organic blueberries for a refreshing dairy-free yoghurt that goes with just about anything.

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Organic Passionfruit Coconut Yoghurt 700g

Organic Passionfruit (700g)  NEW!

  A classic New Zealand flavour that smacks of summer and good times, this yoghurt is brimming with all the goodness of organic passionfruit – without the crunchy seeds! A tropical taste for your morning brekkie or after-dinner treat.

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Vanilla Bean Coconut Yoghurt 700g

Vanilla Bean (700g)

  We’ve paired the taste of natural vanilla bean with our silky smooth coconut yoghurt – your tastebuds are in for a treat. This flavour will bring back memories of summer days and half-melted vanilla icecreams! Delicious in smoothie bowls, with granola, or dolloped over fresh fruit.

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Our Gourmet Range

Scrumptious little 350g pots to delight your tastebuds. They are extra-special with a layered style and really decadent taste for when you feel like something treaty but still plant-based, natural & low in sugar.

Organic Blackcurrant & Vanilla  NEW!

  Organically grown New Zealand blackcurrants and a hint of vanilla make this flavour something special. Perfect with a slice of something chocolatey or on your pancakes.

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Organic Raspberry Lime Gourmet Coconut Yoghurt 350g

Organic Raspberry & Lime  NEW!

  Fresh & fruity with a zingy after-note, this flavour will amp up your dessert or brekkie bowl with juicy organic raspberries, and zesty New Zealand lime juice. Delicious with granola, fruit or straight off the spoon!

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Plum and Vanilla Custard Gourmet Coconut Yoghurt 350g

Plum & Vanilla Custard  NEW!

  The tartness of New Zealand plums is balanced by the sweetness of vanilla custard in this winning duo. We recommend putting a big spoonful on your morning oats, pairing with a crumble, or just go ahead and eat it straight out of the jar!

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Vegan Caramel Gourmet Coconut Yoghurt 350g

Vegan Caramel  NEW!

  Get ready to fall in love with this incredibly moreish caramel treat that is just-sweet enough and completely plant-based! The perfect dessert you won’t want to share.

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