Our Classic Range

Our classic flavours you’ve grown to know and love. Dairy-free yoghurt sweetened only with coconuts and/or fruit (except our naughty but nice Caramel) and packed full of probiotics.

Natural Greek Style (700g, 350g, 140g)

  This dreamy, creamy coconut yoghurt is made from 100% organic coconuts and has the tangy taste of greek-style yoghurt. Winner of the 2015 NZ Gourmet Food Award. Dairy-free and packed with probiotics for happy tummies.

Boysenberry (700g)

  Made with juicy Tasman Bay boysenberries, a spoon of this fruity, dairy-free yoghurt will take you back to the days of Grandma’s home-made jam on scones. A new take on a Kiwi classic, it’s a winner on just about everything from your breakfast granola, to baking or drizzled on fruit.

Organic Blueberry (700g)

  Blueberries may be one of the world’s smallest fruits, but they’re a big favourite for tasty breakfast toppings, desserts, baking and smoothies! Renowned for their high levels of antioxidants, we’ve sourced delicious, organic blueberries for a refreshing dairy-free yoghurt that goes with just about anything.

Organic Passionfruit (700g)

  A classic New Zealand flavour that smacks of summer and good times, this yoghurt is brimming with all the goodness of organic passionfruit – without the crunchy seeds! A tropical taste for your morning brekkie or after-dinner treat.

Vanilla Bean (700g, 350g, 140g)

  We’ve paired the taste of natural vanilla bean with our silky smooth coconut yoghurt – your tastebuds are in for a treat. This flavour will bring back memories of summer days and half-melted vanilla icecreams! Delicious in smoothie bowls, with granola, or dolloped over fresh fruit.

Caramel (700g)

Get ready to fall in love with this incredibly moreish caramel treat that is just-sweet enough and completely plant-based! The perfect dessert you won’t want to share (but in the 700g jar you can).

New Zealand Feijoa & Pear (700g)

  If you’re a feijoa fan, you will love our new limited edition yoghurt! Subtly sweet but teeming with flavour, the feijoa and pear notes will take you back to those carefree fruit foraging days. The pear-fect dairy-free addition to your morning granola or a winter crumble.

Our Gourmet Range

Scrumptious little 350g pots to delight your tastebuds. They are extra-special with a layered style and really decadent taste for when you feel like something treaty but still plant-based, natural & low in sugar.

Organic Blackcurrant & Vanilla

  Organically grown New Zealand blackcurrants and a hint of vanilla make this flavour something special. Perfect with a slice of something chocolatey or on your pancakes.

Organic Raspberry & Lime

  Fresh & fruity with a zingy after-note, this flavour will amp up your dessert or brekkie bowl with juicy organic raspberries, and zesty New Zealand lime juice. Delicious with granola, fruit or straight off the spoon!

Plum & Vanilla Custard

  The tartness of New Zealand plums is balanced by the sweetness of vanilla custard in this winning duo. We recommend putting a big spoonful on your morning oats, pairing with a crumble, or just go ahead and eat it straight out of the jar!

Our Kefir Range

Four delicious flavours, each with different health benefits to get you through the day. Every 500ml bottle is packed with live probiotics and Vitamin C, so your gut (and taste buds) will thank you!

Gut Health  NEW!

  We’ve crafted this dairy-free kefir to not only taste good but also be brimming with living, gut-loving cultures! With 6 unique plant-based probiotic strains that studies have found to support your gut health, this drink is more than just a delicious addition to your morning smoothie – it’s also part of your daily well-being routine. With each serving you’re getting a whopping 18 billion good bacteria to help keep your tummy happy.

Cleansing  NEW!

  Elderflower has been used for centuries in traditional medicines all over the world due to its anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. If you’re feeling a little under the weather and in need of a cleanse, elderflower is a gentle and effective option. The pairing with zingy limes makes this tasty kefir drink a great choice for clearing out your system and getting your daily dose of probiotics.

Energy  NEW!

  With antioxidant-rich organic raspberries, raw cacao, this yummy kefir drink provides a boost to help you tackle your day! Cacao is well-known for its mood-enhancing effect and is a natural lifter of serotonin levels. Its tongue-tingling effervescence comes from 6 unique, plant-based probiotic strains – taking good care of your gut means more energy to do the things you love.

Immunity  NEW!

  We all know how good Vitamin C is for you – it fights oxidative stress, reduces inflammation, and strengthens your body’s natural defenses. Up your daily dose with this refreshing blend of green apples and a hearty kick of ginger! We’ve also included plenty of L.Paracasei, infamous for its immunity benefits, making this probiotic-packed kefir both an immunity-booster and a pleasure to drink!

Our Condiments Range

Get ready to level-up your condiment selection with Raglan Food Co’s latest 350g creations! They’re thick, creamy, and 100% plant-based (and 100% delicious).

Vegan Mayo  NEW!

  Finally, a plant-based mayo that is genuinely delicious! It doesn’t matter what you slather this on, it will make it taste infinitely better. Sandwiches, salads, or licked off the spoon – we bet this jar won’t last you a week.

Vegan Aioli  NEW!

  Once you dip a chip in this tasty aioli you’ll never go back! Just enough garlic, tart and creamy — who says plant-based can’t be even better than the norm? Not us! We have eaten hundreds of hot chips in our quest to perfect this recipe and your tastebuds will be grateful.

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