Vegan Palak Paneer (v, df, rsf)

A rich and creamy spinach-based curry with a delicious vegan paneer alternative. Serves 4! Ingredients: Vegan 'Paneer': 1 cup chickpea flour 2 cups water 2 tbsp nutritional yeast ¾ tsp salt 1 tsp black pepper ¼ tsp turmeric 1 tbsp lime juice 1 tbsp olive oil Coconut/cooking oil Palak/Spinach Sauce: 2 small onions - diced 2 cloves garlic - crushed 2-3cm fresh ginger - grated  1 tsp coriander seeds 1 tsp cumin seeds 1 tsp fenugreek  ½ tsp turmeric 1 tsp curry powder Pinch cayenne pepper Salt & pepper to taste 2 heaped cups Raglan Food Co coconut yoghurt - Natural Greek-Style  400g fresh spinach (or a mixture of greens for a typical Saag Paneer) Handful fresh coriander - [...]