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Sustainable Christmas Ideas & Gifting

Our head of marketing – Sarah Phillipps shares some of her ideas on how to make some small changes to be more sustainable over the festive period: This time of year can be really stressful and sometimes the excess (everything) can feel like a lot! I try to look for small ways to be more economical where I can and many of them involve upcycling the Raglan Food Co jars. A couple of my favourite sustainable Christmassy ideas include: Bouquets of fresh herbs from my garden – they smell delicious and are practical and quirky. I usually pop them in a RFC jar with some twine. My friend Nicola from Mainstream Green was the inspiration for [...]

Sustainable Christmas Ideas & Gifting2022-12-14T14:59:50+13:00

Navigating COVID – Tesh’s Top Tips

I was recently taken out with the 'cron as it made its way around our small township of Raglan. When I first tested positive I was 'positive' I'd be feeling right as rain in a matter of days, and said as much to various people I had Zoom meetings scheduled with that week. I hardly ever get sick, and if I do, I usually bounce back super quick. So I was surprised to find how much longer the effects of COVID lingered around - I had a strange, dizzy feeling in my head, was sneezing, coughing, blowing my nose, and overall just felt really tired for most of my isolation week. I did find a few things helpful for [...]

Navigating COVID – Tesh’s Top Tips2022-05-12T11:07:26+12:00


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