Fluffy Thick Coconut Pancakes (df*)

These make for the perfect coconut brunch feast, great for when you’ve got company! Hearty, wholesome and delicious.Ingredients:Pancakes1 cup Coconut Flour1 cup Wholemeal Flour1 cup White Flour3 tsp Baking Powder3 free range Eggs1/2 tsp Salt3 tsp Rapadura or Coconut Sugar2 cups Raglan Coconut Yoghurt1 cup Almond Milk1 1/4 cups WaterBlueberriesToppingsSliced banana, desiccated coconut, mango, raisins – get creative!Method: Mix all dry ingredientsAdd yoghurt, then milk and water until consistency is fairly thick but pours.Heat a little coconut oil in a heavy based panUse a ladle to spoon mixture into pan, so that it settles in a round about 1cm thickSprinkle blueberries on the uncooked mixture, poking them down into the batterOnce underside is cooked and not sticking to the pan, flip [...]