The United Nation’s Goals For a Sustainable Future

Here at Raglan Food Co, we’re very aware of the need for businesses to do better – for people and the planet. We admire the United Nations for clearly outlining 17 goals for a sustainable future, providing a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity. These were adopted in 2015 by all countries belonging to the United Nations, and are designed to guide the way that governments and businesses set their priorities.

We have identified the three Sustainable Development Goal’s that our business philosophy is closely aligned with. We are focusing our energy on:

Sustainable Development Goals - Healthy Lives and Wellbeing

#3: Ensure Healthy Lives and Promote Well-being For All, at All Ages

We provide healthy, dairy-free products made with high quality ingredients, and encourage our customers to include more plant-based foods in their diets. We support providers of yoga, meditation, mental health workshops, cooking classes, retreats, lunches for kids in low socioeconomic schools, and a number of other initiatives that are well-being focused.

#8: Promote Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth, Employment and Decent Work For All

We believe that success is when all members of an organisation benefit, not just those at the top, which is why we’ve set a limit on the highest paid position in our company being capped at x5 the amount of the lowest paid (typically CEO’s and other top positions in New Zealand companies make 30-50 times more than the lowest paid). We also have a profit-share program in place to distribute a percentage of profit to all employees each year – so everyone can share in the company’s success. We strive to create a workplace that is fun & fair.

#13: Take Urgent Action to Combat Climate Change and its Impacts

We became the first Carbon Zero certified yoghurt company in New Zealand out of a desire to take responsibility for the emissions we create as a business. We use glass jars instead of plastic pottles, are sponsoring beach clean-ups around the country to get plastic off our beaches, and have also partnered with tree planting organisations, ocean clean-up initiatives, Maui dolphin protection groups, sea-bed protection activists, and others who care about climate change.

Learn more about the projects we’re involved in here, or contact us if you have an initiative you think we might be able to help with that aligns with our three key Sustainable Development Goals.

Here’s to being part of the solution! Thanks for supporting our local business in our efforts to do better.