Fruit and coconut yoghurt are a match made in heaven! Check out this super simple recipe for the ultimate afternoon Summer snack.


  • Raglan Coconut Yoghurt (Vanilla Bean, as much as you’d like)
  • Strawberries (as many as you’d like!)


  1. Prep tray with a sheet of baking paper and set aside.
  2. Use a knife to cut off the stalks of the strawberries.
  3. Pour a small portion of yoghurt into a small bowl.
  4. Using a skewer or fork, dunk the strawberries into the bowl of yoghurt until it is fully covered then place onto the tray.
  5. Once you are happy with the amount of strawberries you have, pop in the freezer for a couple of hours.
  6. After the yoghurt has hardened, take the tray out of the freezer and re-dunk the strawberries into the yoghurt to create a thicker layer.
  7. Place back in the freezer for an hour, then your strawberry snowballs are ready to serve! Or store in the freezer and nibble away.

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