What’s Inside?

Natural Greek-style jars
3 organic coconuts

Coconut cream made with 100% organic coconuts

Mr & Mrs Coconut travel to Indonesia each year to see for themselves that they’re getting the best organic coconuts possible. There are no pesticides used in growing our coconuts and they’re harvested by fairly paid & well-treated humans, not enslaved monkeys! Organic coconuts are known to keep your tummy happy and hair moisturised, all while increasing your energy and decreasing your appetite.

Tummy with probiotics from organic coconuts

Probiotics for a happy tummy

The live vegan cultures we add to our Plum and Vanilla Custard yoghurt are great for your gut! Your body has both good and bad bacteria that need to be balanced in order for you to be at your healthiest. Each serving of this yoghurt contains 9.6 Billion CFU (Colony Forming Units), helping you maintain high levels of good bacteria that assist with immunity.

New Zealand Plum & Vanilla Custard

Plums are a tremendous fruit. Their good antioxidants and phytochemicals help to keep you disease-free and are known to be good for your heart. Pair them with our Vanilla Custard and you get a yummy sweet treat without all the refined sugars you’d find in regular sweet treats. In fact, your Plum & Vanilla Custard yoghurt is refined sugar-free! All sugar in our yoghurts come from fruits & spices.

Image of Raglan points

Proudly made in Raglan

Winning most Beautiful Small Town & Overall Supreme Award at the 2018 Keep New Zealand Beautiful Awards, Raglan is a funky, surf town that is known for its sustainability efforts. The Raglan community led the way to a single-use plastic bag free New Zealand and they also boast a huge 178,833 kg of waste diverted from the landfill each month, thanks to our friends at Xtreme Zero Waste.  

A little bit of Raglan history…

Living wage logo

Raglan’s Māori name Whāingaroa translates to ‘the long pursuit’, which refers to the Tainui waka’s lengthy search for its final destination (they eventually landed in Kāwhia). Tainui o Tainui tribes occupied Whāingaroa from the late 1700’s, and the first European arrivals came in 1835 (James & Mary Wallis), with settlement dating from 1854. The name Raglan was adopted in 1858, after Lord Raglan, who was the British commander in the Crimean War.

You’ll find beautiful 2.4 million year old Mount Karioi 8km south-west of Whāingaroa. Legend has it that Karewa was the husband of Karioi, but he flirted with her sister, Pirongia, and was cast into the sea as the offshore rock named by Captain James Cook as Gannet Island. Karioi then turned her back on Pirongia and lay down. The profile of Karioi from Raglan is likened to a ‘Sleeping Lady’ (Wahine Moe).

Living wage logo

Made by people earning a fair wage

Our employees earn a fair wage so they are able to live with dignity and participate as active citizens in society. We also have a team health & wellbeing fund, a profit share program, a massage chair for staff use, and many other initiatives to provide an enjoyable, supportive, healthy working environment for our staff. As part of being a Certified B Corporation we also ensure that our suppliers sign a code of conduct that explicitly states that we do not permit the use of any animal labour, child labour, or prison labour.

Organic coconut earth

Eat yoghurt that is better for the environment!

We are a Carbon Zero Certified company. This means all the carbon generated in the process of making this yoghurt and getting it to you is offset by us purchasing carbon credits in native forestry projects here in New Zealand.

It’s all part of our mission to lift the vibe and do better for the planet!

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