Game Changers broke records as the most-watched documentary of 2019! You’ve probably seen it, or if not, you’ve likely have heard people talking about it. It shares stories of high-profile athletes who have gone from a heavily meat based diet to a completely plant-based one. Game Changers shows how a plant-based diet can change your life for the better; both physically and mentally. Our crew at Raglan Food Co loved watching Game Changers, and it inspired us to create our own ‘Game Changers Challenge’.

What is the Game Changers Challenge?

Raglan Food Co is challenging three couples who usually eat meat & dairy to go plant-based for 1 month. We are providing each couple with all the tools and resources to do so, and tracking their progress along the way with lab tests and nutritionist consults. Contestants will be sharing their updates along the way with photos and videos, and report on how they’re feeling at the month’s end!

What does the package consist of?

Each successful couple has received a month’s worth of delicious My Food Bag plant-based dinners, vegan lunches supplied by the good folks at Eat My Lunch, a supply of our coconut yoghurt and local NZ granolas for brekkie, a month’s supply of BePure supplements, lab tests and weekly consults with an experienced nutritionist & naturopath. This package is valued at over $1,780 per couple!

Meet the Game Changers Contestants!

These three Kiwi couples were chosen out of hundreds of applicants across the country. Will going plant-based for 1 month make a difference to their health & happiness? Follow their journey with updates here and on our social media channels — Facebook and Instagram #gamechangerschallenge, and get some plant-based meal inspiration here.

Talia & Jesse

This lovely pair have been together for 15 years and have a beautiful wee boy called Navy. It’s been a very tough year for them, as when Navy was only 10 weeks old, Talia was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been through 6 rounds of chemo, a single mastectomy and reconstruction, and multiple hospital stints. The stress this has put on their family has led to takeaway meals and not being able to make the healthiest choices. They are really excited to see if going plant-based helps with Talia’s recovery and has a positive impact on their family’s wellbeing.

Nadia & Mousheen

An adventurous pair based in Hamilton, Nadia & Mousheen have been married for 4 years and love trying new things and eating out together. Mousheen describes himself as a carnivore who will happily eat meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Nadia is a little bit in love with cheese, so this is going to be a big change for them! They are keen to make the switch to plant-based for ethical and environmental reasons as well as seeing benefits for their health.

Mary & John

Lovers of life and each other, Mary & John are your classic Kiwi couple who enjoy a pie, roast casserole, and a glass of beer or wine in the evenings. Now in their 50’s and 60’s, they’re wanting to make some changes so they have a long & happy retirement. Mary has high blood pressure and John struggles with high cholesterol, and they’d both like to lose some weight and get healthier for their golden years together.


A special thanks to these awesome kiwi brands for being part of this challenge!