We care about our ocean and know you guys do too, so here’s a fun way you can help to make a real difference!


Pieces of plastic collected so far!

How to Take Part


Round up some friends to clean-up your local beach


Count up how many pieces of plastic you collect


Tell us how many pieces you found, along with some photos

We’ll send you and your crew some yummy thank-you yoghurt!*

Send how many pieces you’ve found, your photos and a work address to:


Some Tips

Count it all up – every piece of rubbish you find counts towards the 1 Million Pieces goal, remember to send us an email with how many pieces you found so we can update our counter. We’d love a photo too, we feature your photos in our little videos – see below.

Recycle as much as possible – some of the items you find might be recyclable, so try to put these in a separate bag to make it easier to recycle when you get home.

Be careful – there might be sharp bits of glass hiding in the rubbish you find, we don’t want anyone getting hurt, please be cautious when picking stuff up.

Involve your workplace, school or community – if you have a big group interested in doing a clean-up, then we are happy
to send you biodegradable bags and some gloves to help out. Just email hello@raglanfoodco.com with your details!

Thank you to those who have taken part so far!

Download the Flyer

Help spread the word by downloading our flyer. Hand this out to people in your workplace, school or community to get more coconutters out cleaning up the ocean!

[286 KB]

*Please note: Our chilled freight provider doesn’t go to homes, so the address provided needs to be a food related business address (can be a partner or friends if you don’t have a work place). Thank-you yoghurt can only be shipped around New Zealand and some areas of Singapore & Hong Kong – if you do a clean-up somewhere we can’t ship to, we’ll send you a copy of our Coconut Cookbook to say thanks.

P.S. We are proud to be supporters of Sea Cleaners, and have donated $4,540 to their amazing work! They are an inspirational volunteer group who have cleaned up over 5.6 million litres of rubbish since 2002.


Thanks heaps for being awesome and lifting the vibe! May your clean-up crew live long and prosper.